Carbon fishing line maintenance and selection skills


The carbon-based fishing line is made of a special nylo […]

The carbon-based fishing line is made of a special nylon material with 100% carbon in the inner layer, plus a layer of waterproof resin. It has the characteristics of invisibility, not easy to wind, fast water cutting and constant nodule strength. Wear-resistant and non-absorbent, these characteristics are inseparable from the waterproof resin on the outer layer. However, practice has proved that when used for fishing, the space bean and the lead seat move back and forth on the main line. The uneven inner diameter and the heat generated by friction can damage the fluffing of the waterproof resin and greatly weaken its characteristics. How to protect the waterproof resin layer and select qualified carbon fishing line is very important.


One, space beans
Due to the characteristics of the space bean, the resin layer is most damaged when it moves on the main line. Correct way:

1. Let the main line have a remaining line of 30 cm, and allow the space bean to move back and forth on the remaining line several times to make the inner diameter of the space bean smooth and uniform, and greatly reduce the damage to the resin layer.

2. When the space bean is moving, add a small amount of water, which not only acts as a lubricant, but also prevents the heat generated by friction from destroying the resin layer.

Second, the lead seat
It is best to use nylon lead-skin holders, especially lead-skin holders or quick pins that have spoiled. This type of lead seat can better protect the carbon fishing line.


Three, the choice of carbon fishing line
In addition, you must use genuine carbon wires to prevent counterfeiting. Identification method: Burn the thread end with a lighter, the carbon thread will turn into a black ball, which can be crushed into powder, and the nylon thread can be drawn into silk.