Fishing taboos and tips for rainy days in summer


After entering the summer, no matter in the south or th […]

After entering the summer, no matter in the south or the north, most areas have entered a rainy time period, which is commonly known as the rainy season. So what are the taboos of fishing in the rainy season? Is the rainy season suitable for fishing?


Taboos for fishing in the rainy season
There are several main time points that are not suitable for fishing in rainy days. The first is thunderstorm weather, heavy rain weather, after a long rain, before the rain, sun rain, etc. As for the reasons, let's analyze them one by one.


The first is thunderstorm weather. The main reason for not being able to fish in thunderstorm weather is not for fishing, but for the safety of fishermen's lives. Especially those who are fishing at night, should stop fishing immediately and find a safe place to avoid thunderstorms when they encounter thunderstorms. If a fisherman encounters thunderstorms during wild fishing, he/she should immediately leave the shade of the tree, or stop raising the rod to avoid being struck by lightning. Although fishing is fun, life is more important.


In heavy rain, although the safety of people's lives is generally guaranteed, it is necessary to pay attention to some special fishing positions, especially those after precipitation, which should be avoided immediately to avoid the phenomenon of flood peaks eating people. Considering the factors of fishing, the sound caused by heavy rain is very loud. The raindrops enter the water at a speed of more than six meters per second, and the sound caused by the water has a deep influence. Fish will choose to dive quickly to avoid, during this period, the fish will be less motivated to forage, and the fishing harvest will not be very good.


Moreover, in heavy rain, fishermen themselves have to face many challenges, such as wind and rain blocking the line of sight, unstable floating activities, and rain damage to the body. If not necessary, try to avoid heavy rain for fishing.



Heavy rain and thunderstorms directly interfere with fishing activities, so try to avoid these fishing periods. The reason for not fishing before rain is that the humidity in the air increases and the air pressure is low during this period. Affected by air pressure, fish are not motivated enough to forage for food. At the same time, because of the lack of oxygen, fish will choose to float to the surface to breathe oxygen, but they will not bite the hook.


The reason for not fishing after a long rain is because after a long rain, the fish lack sunlight and their physical conditions are not good, so they need a period of time to recover. Fishing starts as soon as the rain stops, the fish are less motivated to forage, and there is a greater possibility of no harvest after hooking.


Then there is the sun rain. It is clear that the sun is shining brightly, but sporadic raindrops have come down. In this kind of weather, the air pressure is also relatively low, the fish do not like to forage, and the fishing harvest is naturally not good.


The rainy season is suitable for fishing
It is a good time to go after a heavy rain. As we mentioned above, try to avoid fishing in heavy rain and thunderstorms, but after the rainstorm is over, it is indeed a good time to go fishing. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to the problem of flood peaks. It takes a certain amount of time for the upstream flood to reach the downstream, so know the weather accurately and avoid dangerous choices.


After the end of the big fish, food from various sources continuously enters the water, food mixed with raindrops in the sky, food mixed with muddy water flowing down the shore, and food from various water inlets. Plant roots, stems and leaves, human food scraps, small insects, etc. are all favorite foods for fish.


In addition, although the air pressure was low before the rain, as the rainstorm washed away, the air pressure returned to a suitable level. With the influence of wind and rain, the oxygen content in the water has also increased. At this time, the enthusiasm of fish activities has been improved, and they can open their mouths for food, and the probability of catching fish continues to increase.


In some water inlets and outlets, it is a good place for fishing. These places are rich in food and have high oxygen content. They are places with frequent fish activities.


To remind everyone that fishing is a recreational activity, and everything is guaranteed by safety. Don't take risks to fish, the catch is small, and the safety of life is the greatest. I hope everyone can fish safely and happily.