Correct selection of types and specifications of fishing gear accessories


The emergence of fishing gear accessories connectors ha […]

The emergence of fishing gear accessories connectors has brought great convenience to the angler to combine fishing gear, but it also needs to be selected correctly. There are many types and specifications of connectors. If it is not selected properly, it will affect the normal fishing. Of course, if it is selected properly, it will improve the fishing performance. The selection principle is as follows.



1. The choice of connectors is also different depending on the waters, species and fishing methods of fishing. For example, when catching big fish, large and strong connectors should be selected.


2. In a set of fishing rigs composed of lines, sinkers, hooks, floats, etc., the connectors used should be able to match the strength of each part of the whole set of fishing rigs, and there should be no excessively weak links.


3. In a set of fishing rigs, the connecting parts should not be too many, and the phenomenon of mutual entanglement will easily occur, which will increase the weight of the entire set of fishing rigs. If you use a hand rod for float fishing, too many connectors will delay the fish's bait swallowing response, and the loud noise when the rod is lifted will scare the fish off the bottom.


4. The connecting parts are all made of metal, and the structure is relatively complex. It needs to be carefully checked when selecting. There should be no burrs, sharp bends or unevenness on the surface, otherwise the fishing line will be easily damaged.


5. The diameter of the metal wire connecting the connector and the fishing line should not be smaller than the diameter of the fishing line. If it is too thin, the metal wire will be easily cut off when the fishing line is stressed.