Fishing gear with tandem hooks fishing tips


In the fishing process will inevitably appear some hook […]

In the fishing process will inevitably appear some hooks hanging bottom phenomenon, encounter this situation, do not force upward pick, which is easy to cause broken rod, but should be flat rod, so that the rod, line, hooks form a straight line, hand holding the rod slowly backward, until the river bottom foreign body pulled out, at most the line ripped off, without damaging the rod. Fishing end of the rod, should be drawn in the opposite order of the rod back section by section, if you do not pay attention, it is easy to appear the first few sections automatically slide down to the front port of a section, just top of the penultimate section has not been retrieved phenomenon, many anglers think the penultimate section is pulled too tight to retrieve, so the rod to the ground hard, resulting in the two sections are like splitting bamboo rod to tear each other, causing undue damage.


The biggest advantage of string hooks is that after the hook bait is thrown into the fishing spot, there are baits in the upper and middle layers, so we can fish in different layers at the same time. Although string hooks have the above advantages, but it is also the same as other fishing methods, easily subject to temperature, bait, season, climate and other factors, so that fish eating hooks become slow or no fish bite, how to change this state? The author believes that the following ways to start: first nest after fishing: fishing with string hooks unlike the bomb hooks, fishing while enticing, even if the immediate bite frequency is poor, the fish will be fishing spot with bait and more and more gathered. But the effect of string hooks to attract fish, especially for those large surface fish thin lakes, etc., fishing string hooks, it is necessary to throw bait to make a nest. If we only rely on the hook on that bit of bait, it is unlikely to attract and retain the fish in the fishing spot.



There is a difference between the morning and evening set-ups: fish have a warming habit and like to inhabit the bottom of the water body in the morning and evening. If you're fishing for stringers in the morning, the closer the bait is to the bottom, the higher the chances of fish biting. When there are no fish biting, you can change the angle of the bracket according to the depth of the water you are fishing, and try to make the hook bait as close as possible to the swimming layer where the fish float, so as to facilitate the discovery of fish and improve the chance of bite. The right material to get more fish: string hook fishing can be used both vegetarian bait and non-vegetarian bait, preferably the bait preferred by the fish, increase or enhance the concentration of aromatic, sweet and fishy bait to stimulate the appetite of the fish, prompting them to bite.


Prepare string hooks and hang bait first: string hook fishing is a very interesting thing, but the more troublesome thing is to wear hanging bait. The angler should be prepared beforehand, and have a few more hooks, so that when a fish is hooked or when the bait is changed, the bait will not be hung in advance.


Dead bait is the most attractive to fish: Since the best season for casting and tandem hook fishing is mostly in the spring, summer and autumn when the temperature is higher. If the angler can turn the dead bait into live bait, and the static fishing method into dynamic fishing method, this can stimulate the appetite of the fish, and thus can achieve a lot of catching. After buying a satisfactory fishing rod, it is natural to match the fishing line. Many fishermen are afraid of breaking the line to run the fish, try to buy a thicker fishing line, which does not know that the rod is a certain bearing capacity, the fishing line if the pull greatly exceeds the fishing rod bearing capacity, it is easy to cause a broken line to run the fish. Therefore, do not blindly wiring, be sure to consult a good (main line, subline) the best line number and do not exceed the range to group matching.