Summary of the method of winter carp fishing


In order to catch carp in winter, you must first find a […]

In order to catch carp in winter, you must first find a place where carp are often active. This is the fish nest.

When choosing a fishing spot, you should find it according to the carp's habits. Otherwise, you are bound to work in vain.

Generally speaking, in winter, fish gather in deep water in the sunny and windward areas. This is where the water temperature is relatively high. Carp are alert. They are afraid of bright light. They like to swim in hidden places, such as deep and shallow junctions at the forks of rivers. In the forks of rivers, the junction of deep and shallow water is preferred. Where there are elevated bumps. Or where there are many obstacles at the bottom of the water.

The more complicated the bottom, the safer the fish will be. The more complicated the bottom, the safer it is. This requires the angler to know the bottom as well as possible; if in a pond. If you are in a pond, you need to know the bottom of the pond. Most pond owners have deep pits dug in their ponds for the convenience of the fish. If you can find a deep hole dug by the pond owner. Then you will have a great harvest.

How to find a deep hole. Use a long rod. Probe several places. Usually, pits are about 2m deep. It is best to use vegetable cakes or wine rice for nesting. If you can find a fish nest, you may not need to make a nest. It is best to use red earthworms and larger hooks for bait. (Choose a hook according to your needs.) Thread a few worms, leaving the head and tail to form a small disk and drive it through the water to attract carp to eat it.

If you don't have earthworms, you can use wolfberries in wine. If you find a spot where the carp are gathering, don't worry if you don't catch any fish. That is, waiting for the fish to be hooked.