Fishing box purchase points


How to select the fishing box Common fishing box struct […]

How to select the fishing box

Common fishing box structure materials can generally choose the following materials.

Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer resin (ABS), high impact giant styrene (HIPS), modified giant propylene (PP), copolymer giant propylene (PP), common giant propylene (PP), etc.

Good fishing box material should choose better polymer materials, such as; ABS, modified PP and other materials, and then with scientific design, high-precision molding mold, add weathering additives and light-resistant pigments, etc., because of the higher cost, so the market rarely see such fishing boxes, generally imported.

Ordinary fishing box generally use lower cost polymer materials, such as: copolymer giant propylene (PP), ordinary giant propylene (PP), etc.. Do not add or rarely add weathering additives and light-resistant pigments, etc., dark fishing boxes even have the suspicion of filling with recycled materials.



Selection of fishing boxes should pay attention to the following points.
1. choose the products produced by the regular manufacturers, the brand is important for consumers and manufacturers.

2. according to their own situation to choose the variety of fishing boxes, size, style, etc..

3. exquisite appearance, smooth lines, reasonable structure, compact assembly, practical accessories.

4. try to choose the appearance of light colors, manufacturers are not easy to fake, high-grade pigments are very expensive, adding also requires a certain additional technology, senior titanium white pigment sunlight resistance is better, ordinary level of titanium white pigment in the light quickly become yellow, low gear fishing box in order to reduce costs often use the latter;.

5. the weight is appropriate, too heavy, the structure and hard material manufacturers may fill in too much inorganic filler (calcium carbonate, talc, etc.) in order to reduce costs; light and hard very brittle materials are also manufacturers in order to reduce costs by using the cheapest general grade PP material or other alternative materials.

6. then there is a way to reduce costs is to make the box wall thin, this fishing box to sit on the soft, with a period of time was sitting into the winter melon fishing box general purchase of polymeric materials are afraid of long-term light, so high-grade fishing box materials should add weathering additives, can be used in natural conditions for 2-3 years.

7. no additive materials made of such components in the outdoor use of a period of time (less than a few months) will soon become brittle, a slight force will break.

How large the fishing box is suitable
1. if your fishing box almost do not want to put any accessories, at most put a bait tray, the biggest use is just to sit, put simple things, natural 20L below the best, lightweight and portable, but can not press the turret.

2. if you want to buy a comprehensive fight the strongest fishing box, it is best to buy a 30l standard box, but also have to pick a brand hard, workmanship, so that you use the space will be ideal, when lifting will feel light.

3. 40L or even more than 50L box, fishing platform are heavy enough, fishing box with a good use can be loaded with fish protection and other things, but also as a solid fishing position to use, but moving things is a problem.

4. now the shape of the fishing box are very different, the configuration and space utilization inside is very different. It is recommended not to be too complicated, there is a place to put the line set, drift box and other items, good to take things to the box on the line, the rest of the space for their own DIY best.