Convenient and practical skills in fishing lure? Use of pins


For casual wild fishing friends, it is obviously unreal […]

For casual wild fishing friends, it is obviously unrealistic to bring a big pole to go fishing, and it is not necessary. Therefore, according to the different fishing conditions, water depth, time period, etc., it is very important to quickly replace the bait, a strong and convenient pin. The following are some of the quick pins commonly found in fishing lure, also called connectors and so on.

Shape: long gourd type, short fat gourd type, usually upper (connected to the main line end) small under the big (connected to the bait end).

The purpose of adding the 8-word swivel is to reduce the spiral shape on the main line, especially in the process of fast feeding, the bait is rotated in the water, and the main line is driven and tightened, just like the clockwork. This phenomenon usually occurs more on sequins and iron plate type baits. The use of this method is also commonly used on such bait, because there is a weight--Mino, wave, VIB, etc. will change the state of the bait.

The short fat type pin has a larger circle at the lower end, and the swinging space of the bait is larger, and the long strip type can be selected according to the bait and personal preference. In terms of steel wire, steel is selected, and the toughness is higher. The reinforcement is better, usually stainless steel wire. The surface has natural color and blackening treatment, and it is not easy to rust. The shape of the buckle is usually a 90-degree bend and a U-bend. Each has an advantage. The U-shape is not easy to slip off, but it is difficult to hang the bait. The 90-degree bend occasionally encounters self-slipping. In short, it is best to get a good look at the bait.

Number: According to the size and weight of the bait and the conventional size of the fish in the fishing field, the fresh water is usually used at 00-0-1, and the static pulling force is at 9-20 kg. There is a giant thing, the pin has weight, small The bait and the light bait are small and vice versa.