Pay attention to these 3 points in summer fishing, and increase the fish rate by at least 50%!


Now the temperature is getting higher and higher, but e […]

Now the temperature is getting higher and higher, but even if the fisherman is hot or cold, it is still fishing. Today, I still want to talk to you specifically about what fishing techniques we should pay attention to in the summer, which is good for us to fish. If it can be used, it is best.

First, the weather is sultry before and after fishing

Generally, when fishing in the summer, we can clearly feel that the opening time of the fish is from 6 o'clock in the evening to 8 o'clock in the morning on the second day. That is to say, during the summer, it is not very suitable for fishing in the daytime. The evening is the prime time for fishing. So at this time, I still recommend that you use the bottom fishing method to fish. As for fishing during the day, the waters are likely to have insufficient dissolved oxygen, and the fish will have different degrees of bottoming out in order to breathe. In the face of this situation, you can try to change the fishing float. Specifically, the fishing bait can be started fishing at a distance of 10 cm from the bottom until the water layer in the main fishing layer is found after the fish layer is found.

At the beginning we have to choose a float that suits you. Generally, when fishing in the summer, the fish and people are also uncomfortable with the heat, and the interest in foraging will be greatly reduced. The floating phase we see on the water is not very obvious. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose to eat as much as possible the low-throw type of light-mouth type float. In the specific fishing flotation drift, we must at least ensure that the buoyancy of the float after the double hook is on the bait can hold the double bait suspended in the water. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a large buoyancy to eat a larger float.

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Second, the choice of fishing fishing in summer

Of course, when fishing in the summer, it is also very important in the choice of fishing position. Because the weather is hot, if we can choose the best under the cool shade, there will be many fish perched here. There is also the possibility to choose near the water grass or where there are many obstacles. The reason is also very simple. The aquatic grass microorganisms are rich and concealed. There will be many fish to feed here, so if we go fishing in this kind of place The catch is still quite good.

Another point we can choose at the tip of the raft, that is, the shore is connected to the most prominent part of the water, specifically throwing at the tip of the scorpion, we can throw farther and deeper than the usual fishing on the shore, often there will be The fish swam. And if we are fishing in the reservoir, it is best to choose the fishing spot around the dam. Because it is the deepest place in the water, there should be many fish in the deep water. Generally, we can climb a 3-4m deep and it is good luck. It is impossible to catch a big fish.

Third, the choice of summer fishing bait

When we are fishing in reservoir lakes or black pits, the first priority is to lay the nest. Because the fish in the polyculture pond in the reservoir is relatively rich, the nest material can be selected to be more general-purpose, so that the whole swimming layer can be used to lure the fish to the weight. If you are in a nest, we can choose a product nest or a homemade bait. It is recommended that if you mix fish, you can choose chicken feed, fish pellet feed, corn kernels, wheat, bean cake, wheat bran (or bran), and litter bait. Ingredients, there are also falling particles. The biggest advantage is that the bottom floats and attracts the fish. We can seduce the different types of fish in a nest, and the upper and lower waters are all eaten.