Old fishermen teach you to choose a fish hook to ensure that fishing does not run fish!


In fish ponds, squid fishing for squid, squid and other […]

In fish ponds, squid fishing for squid, squid and other small fish, should choose small sleeve type and garden type. When picking the hook, you can use the hook tip to gently drag on the big mother's fingernail. You should choose the hook that is not easy to drag on the nail, which is like a sticky, slightly dragging the white mark on the nail.

The hook strips are selected as fine as possible in the same type of hooks, and the toughness is large and flexible. As for the color of the hook, black, green, blue, metallic white and red hooks can be selected according to each person's preference.

In large rivers such as rivers, fish ponds, reservoirs, etc., large fish such as grass, grass, green grass, etc., it is necessary to choose a large hook, the barb is distinct, and the distance from the tip of the hook to the barb is not too long, if the object of fishing is Luo Fei Fish, white pheasant, red tip and other meat omnivorous fierce fish, you should use a slightly larger long handle hook.

In fish ponds, lakes, reservoirs, bomb hooks and combination hooks, string hooks, Ise-type hooks are generally used, which are more commonly used in black. Of course, if the smaller hooks are used properly, the medium fish rate is higher than the big hook.

For sea fish fishing, long-handled hooks are generally used. Because most of the fish in the sea are carnivorous fish. When you eat a ferocious bait, you often swallow the bait with your hook. It brings a lot of inconvenience to the fishing hook. Therefore, it is advisable to use a long-handled crane-shaped hook.