Fishing old drivers share fishing ‘cold knowledge’, recommend fishing friends collection


For the old fishermen, everyone has a lot of knowledge, […]

For the old fishermen, everyone has a lot of knowledge, so when you are fishing, you can deal with whatever situation you encounter. Because the fishing time is long, the accumulated experience is also more, and naturally it is easier to cope with it. But if it is a novice, it is not so easy because of the lack of contact and understanding when fishing. Usually, the fishing friends learn much, and only when they are rich in nature can they catch the fish. Of course, there are a lot of things to learn when fishing. Here we will not describe them one by one. Today, I will share some cold knowledge about fishing for the fishing friends. The fishing friends will read the recommended collections. Because you have mastered these, it will be very helpful for you to fish in the future. Ok, let's go down together.

1: The atomization of the bait is emphasized when fishing friends are fishing. It is true that some fish prefer atomized bait, but this is only for farmed fish, but for wild fish, as well as slippery fish, they are not particularly interested in the atomized state of the bait. More disgusting, slippery fish needless to say that this is known, wild fish are interested in natural things, so not all fish like atomized bait.

2: When a lot of fishing friends are fishing for big fish, in order to catch fish in the early stage, some heavy-duty bait will be added to the nest material, which is intended to cause interest in the fish. In fact, the fishing friends will have a very good effect. Poor, because the big fish is not interested in the taste of things at this time, the fish are interested in these things at an early age, and with the growing demand to add these heavy foods, the fish will eat some natural things. Therefore, the big fish should be used as much as possible, and the cereals should be used as bait or nest.

3: Many times, fishing friends can catch fish in one place. In addition to judging the fish star or the water surface, it is often because of the feeling of fishing friends. These feelings are often accurate. In fact, these are not because of luck. In fact, it is because fishing friends have more fishing times, and the experience is more abundant. They have made accurate judgments. There is no fish anywhere. There is no fish in any place. It’s not a lucky fisherman, so it’s still useful to learn more things. .

4: Many times, fishing friends want to explode, sometimes a fishing bait is actually exploding. When you go back to fishing, you should use the bait medicine to be good, but you can’t catch it. The catch was over, although all methods were exhausted, and finally did not get a satisfactory catch. In fact, the last time it was fired, it was entirely because the fishing place had fish, and the fish in the nest was natural. Fishing, there is no fish in the nest, it is not good to fish. Therefore, the basics of not catching fish are to see if there is any fish in the nest. Don’t think about fishing first, but attracting fish is the key. I hope that the above cold knowledge is inspiring to the fishing friends, so I am very happy. If the fishing friends feel that the above sharing is helpful to you, then please help the fishermen to help me with a compliment, thank you!