Why is the fishing line "tangent"


"Tangling" is the most disgusting thing in fishing. Of […]

"Tangling" is the most disgusting thing in fishing. Of course, some fishermen say that the broken rod is more uncomfortable, yes, but the tangent is much more common than the broken rod. So how to correctly avoid "tangent"?


Check the quality of the fishing line
To avoid tangent lines, you must first know why the lines are cut. This one is the line itself. There are roughly three cases. The first one bought a bad line. Fishing line is a subtle thing, and it is generally difficult to distinguish between good and bad. Perhaps a little imbalance in a certain section of the line, or a slight scratch, is the culprit of the tangent.


At present, the domestic fishing lines are basically homogenized, and the quality is acceptable, but the quality of those particularly cheap lines cannot be guaranteed. The number of the second fishing line may not be one size, but the number marked 1.0 is 1.2, which will cause the fisherman to make a mistake in using the wrong line and cut the line. The third is that the fishing line is put for too long, which will lead to the deterioration of quality and tangent after aging.



Protect the integrity of the fishing line
Fishing is about fishing habits. There are standard methods for how to close the rod, wipe the rod, take up the line, and wrap the line, and if you develop such a good habit, the fishing gear will not be prone to problems. Some anglers wind the fishing line at will after catching the fish, making the fishing line rub against hard objects such as the splay ring or the sand and gravel on the line, thereby hurting the fishing line.


Then there is the fact that the fishing line touches the stone when fishing, etc., and the fishing line is worn out. These injuries are the places where the fishing line is broken. So we can stroke the line with our hands after fishing, especially the main line. If you feel that any part is not smooth, don't feel bad and replace it. However, even if your line has never been damaged, it should be replaced after about 10 catches as a general rule of thumb.


Tangent operation during fishing
Maybe many fishermen think that the tangent line is caused by the problem of the technique in the fishing process. In fact, this problem can only be ranked third, because a good fishing line will not be easily broken even if the technique is not in place, unless you do the following. The first is tug of war.


Many novice fishermen like to throw the rod far away, that is to say, the fishing is very full. After the fish is caught, as long as the fish is not going in your direction, it will inevitably "tug of war" because the fishing line is too tight and cannot be lifted. Well, at this time, the fish will cut the line with a little effort. The second is to lift the pole too fast. The elasticity of the fishing rod is larger than that of the fishing line. When the fish is stabbed, we need to loosen up a little force immediately, let the fishing rod work hard and let the fishing line relax, so as to have the capital to compete with the fish. No matter how strong the thread is, it will break.