What kind of hook should be used to catch crucian carp?


There are many kinds of hooks on the market. Different […]

There are many kinds of hooks on the market. Different hooks are used for different fish. Today, we will choose a few fish hooks and crucian carp hooks.



1. Sleeve hook
Sleeve hook, its hook type is relatively small, specially designed for fishing small fish in natural waters, such as wild fishing crucian carp, white streaks, small cocked mouth are very suitable. The hook door of the sleeve hook is narrow, the hook bar is thin and a little elastic, the weight of the hook is light, and the hook handle is long. The advantages of sleeve hook fishing are: it is easy to be sucked into the mouth by fish, the fish rate is relatively high, there is no barb design, and it is easy to take the hook. Its disadvantage is: novice improper operation is easy to get rid of the hook running fish, encounter a slightly larger fish may pull the hook straight.

2. Izu
The characteristics of Izu hook are as follows: the hook door is narrow, the hook bar is not thick or thin, the crooked mouth design is sharper, the hook handle is relatively short, the weight of the hook is not too heavy, and the barb hook is not easy to run. Izu is a kind of hook that is very suitable for wild fishing. Compared with sleeve hook, Izu hook has more impact resistance. If you want to take into account the size of wild fishing, Izu is absolutely the best choice. The hook bar of Izu hook is also relatively thin, which is thicker than sleeve hook. Even if two or three kilograms of carp are encountered during field fishing, the sleeve hook No. 2 or no. 3 can slowly slide the carp over.

3. Haixi
The hook is very suitable for catching crucian carp because of its thin hook, wide hook door, short hook handle and light weight. Compared with sleeve hook, the advantage of Haixi fish hook is more stable, not easy to run fish, also easy to be sucked into the mouth of crucian carp. Especially in the reservoir fishing more than three or two large plate crucian carp, with sleeve hook always feel easy to get rid of running fish, with the sea Eve fish hook can better solve this problem.

You can choose the hook according to your own preferences and the actual situation of the fish. You can't follow the trend blindly, so that you can often get rid of the hook and run the fish in the process of fishing.