Maintenance method of fishing equipment


The maintenance of fishing equipment is to better prote […]

The maintenance of fishing equipment is to better protect fishing rod equipment, improve its durability and avoid damage. Therefore, the maintenance of fishing equipment is indispensable. Let me introduce the maintenance methods of fishing equipment.



1. Prevent rusting of fishing equipment: If unclean fishing equipment is hermetically sealed, it may cause electroplating, natural fading of other accessories, and corrosion and rust of metal accessories, resulting in loss of function of guide eye, wheel seat/tail bolt, etc. Therefore, the salt, water, and dirt must be wiped clean before sealing.


2. Prevent the fishing equipment from peeling off paint: If the wet and unclean fishing equipment is sealed, the sealed water may cause the fishing equipment to peel off paint or blistering. To prevent this phenomenon, the water should be wiped dry after use. The equipment is ventilated out completely in the shade, and then sealed.



3. Do not use gasoline, thinner, alcohol and other organic substances to scrub fishing equipment.

The correct maintenance method can play a protective role, so everyone must master the correct maintenance method to protect the fishing equipment. The above are the precautions for the maintenance of the fishing equipment, and also note that heavy objects cannot be placed on the equipment to press the machine, which will damage some accessories on the equipment. It should also be noted that before the next use, the equipment must be inspected and maintained to ensure that it is correct before it can be used.