What are the methods and techniques of fishing?


The so-called method of fighting fish is mainly to lift […]

The so-called method of fighting fish is mainly to lift the hook bait up and down. You can also shake it from side to side, but remember not to overdo it. And the speed of movement must also be slow, not too fast, if it is too fast, it will startle the fish and cause the fish to scatter, or the fish will not be hooked. The most important thing is to imitate the speed of earthworms or red worms moving in the water with the range you use the hook, so that the daughter will be afraid that the food will escape and swallow it when she finds it, so she will be easily hooked.


And the skills of fighting fish are divided into jumping, hanging, dragging, and static. Therefore, for novice fishermen, it is also a very important homework to learn the skills of teasing fish. In fact, if you catch a lot of fishing, you will be able to clearly feel how it is green and how it is. Therefore, it is necessary to fish frequently to feel this skill of teasing fish.


Another provocation is to use the elasticity of the tip of the fishing rod. Daddy fish hooked the fish from the water. Jump under the water, and then bounce up about thirty centimeters, and then let its natural joke create the activity of the bait, that is to say, the bait is alive. In this process, you can bounce about three times in a row. In this case, it can be knocked again after a while. Under normal circumstances, using this method when the water is relatively muddy increases the activity of the fish and the chance of fishing!



In addition, moving is called slow-moving, which is a vertical or horizontal way of walking. This kind of thing. Good night how to slowly bring it up, and then let it fall naturally and repeat it many times. If it is found that the fishing rod has held up and does not continue to sink for so long, the interest will be paid and the rod will be closed. This means that the fish has been hooked. so. This and the way. You can catch crucian carp, carp and grass carp. For other fish groups, this method is equivalent to frightening, so the method of teasing is different for different fish. It is recommended that if you are a novice, do not use this method.


There is also a mild method, also known as micro-to-the-point, that is to put the bait in place, do not move, and then gently move up and down. The amplitude of the movement is the smallest range, and it can be fast or slow. This method can be used in a water area, and this method is also more durable and practical. A lot of fish will follow the movement without falling to the second place. This is also a better method. It is also a more practical technique for beginners. Use this trick.


Another thing to pay attention to is the speed, try to slow it down as much as possible. If you find that the hook tip of the fish hook speeds up and starts to rise up, then there must be a fish hooked, so it should be dried up in time, and then. When it stops, it means that you will eat slowly in the process of sinking. Therefore, when you can't pull down without knowing it, it means you are hooked! Just pick up the fishing net and go fishing, this time you will get quite a lot.