What are the fishing and drifting skills


What are the fishing and drifting skills One is floatin […]

What are the fishing and drifting skills
One is floating. That is, the number of fished eyes rises and floats;
Second, Shen. That is, the number of catches sinks;
Third, pendulum. Shake it to both sides;
Fourth, drag. Walk aside
Fifth, point. That is, there is a feeling of pecking, which is sometimes not obvious. It should be judged by intuition, but most of it is the first time the fish enters. This action is the most appropriate time for the fish to raise the rod.


The above actions can be used as the eyes of the angler. After all the actions are integrated, it is judged whether the fish bait is in the mouth or not. The entrance is different depending on the fish information. It is ever-changing. One point is in the middle, there is a floating point, and sometimes it is click and then click or sink and click. , Sink and float, sink and sink, etc. The entrance movement is not fixed, and it changes every minute and every second. This can also be used to make a sensitive or slow judgment. The point of the action is too sharp to hit the fish, because it is too sensitive, and the action of no point is just floating and sinking, which is too slow.


Different types of fish will affect the floating fish signal action, or the fish is frightened and the entrance action changes instantaneously. The more stable the fish eats the bait, the same kind of entrance fish signal action will last longer. The change is a mystery Infinite. This is the biggest challenge for anglers, and it is also the essence of all the fun of fighting fish.