Use and maintenance of the Fishing Line Spooler


Before throwing the hook, pull out the fishing line thr […]

Before throwing the hook, pull out the fishing line through the outlet ring, while pulling the line hard, and turning the left-hand (strong to weak) slider knob. If the pulling force of the fishing line is 4.5 kg, then the drag strength is more suitable to be 3-3.5 kg, and the remaining 1-1.5 kg pulling force can be used as the insurance factor. In this way, when the force of the fishing line reaches 3-5 kilograms, the Fishing Line Spooler will automatically reverse and release the line. At this time, even the Fishing Line Spooler is not helpful (the Fishing Line Spooler and the fishing line are twisted), so as to relieve the tension, Avoid disconnection. If you use a spring scale to pull the fishing line to adjust the grading force, it is more accurate. Those without scales can measure it by feel. After the drag force is adjusted, you should also check frequently during the fishing process, and if there is a change in the value, you should adjust it in time.

Check and adjust the Fishing Line Spooler before use. The focus should be adjusted for the drag force; if abnormal noise or card violation is found, it should be checked and repaired before use. The rocker arm should be tightened during use, and the Fishing Line Spooler must be firmly installed on the sea pole to straighten the direction of the fishing line to ensure normal use. The fishing line should be retracted immediately after use, the hook and pendant should be removed, and the thread end should be fixed on the shell of the Fishing Line Spooler Block, you can use a rubber band to pull the end of the thread), so as not to cause messy threads. Finally, the Fishing Line Spooler is packed in a self-provided wheel package. After returning home, wipe the outside of the Fishing Line Spooler with a clean, damp cloth to keep it clean and shiny.

Pack several Fishing Line Spooler separately to prevent crushing collisions during the trip. When not in use for a long time, the upper cover of the Fishing Line Spooler body should be opened to add some lubricating oil to the internal transmission parts. Check and tighten the fixing screws of each part, and wipe the surface of the wheel body with a soft cloth dipped in oil to make it smooth and bright. Store in a proper place (such as not in the sun, do not rely on heating, etc.).