How to protect the Fishing Line Spooler


The Fishing Line Spooler is the most important and most […]

The Fishing Line Spooler is the most important and most complicated structure of the fishing rod fishing tackle. It consists of many small parts, each of which has its own role and is indispensable. And the value of the Fishing Line Spooler is even higher than that of a fishing rod, so special attention should be paid to protection.
When not fishing, the Fishing Line Spoolers should be stored separately.

In order to save trouble, some people do not take the Fishing Line Spooler when they close the pole. In this way, it is easy to hit the rod body and damage the Fishing Line Spooler. Each Fishing Line Spooler should be packed individually in a box or bag to avoid collision with each other. Because there are fishing lines on the Fishing Line Spooler, wrapping them separately can also avoid twisting the fishing lines. Although it is more troublesome to install, it is much more convenient to use.
When attaching the reel to the pole, make sure that the two clips on the top and bottom of the pole tighten the casters and cannot loosen. If it falls to the ground due to looseness, the handlebar or the semi-circular wire rack in front may be damaged.If it falls into the sand, it will be more troublesome for the sand to get into the wheels, which will directly affect the effect of use.

If you are not familiar with the structure of the wheel, do not disassemble the wheel at will. After disassembly, it will not be installed as it is, which will affect the use. If you feel that there is something wrong with the wheel and it needs repair, you should ask an experienced friend to help with disassembly and repair, or send it to a fishing tackle shop for professional repair.

The reel should be wiped clean when it is retracted.
Because there are many gears in the reel, you should inject lubricant into the gear teeth after using it for a period of time to maintain the wheels.
If it is sea fishing, because the salt in the sea is large, it is easy to corrode the metal gears in the reel, so it should be washed with fresh water after use. I didn't soak for 20 minutes. Then I washed away the sea water. It is necessary to protect the wheels.