How to install fishing accessories?


Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of everyone's […]

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of everyone's living standards, more and more people like fishing, an outdoor sport, and take fishing as a kind of learning. Therefore, the number of fishermen in various places has continued to grow, and at the same time, more fishing gear merchants have been attracted. Generally speaking, fishing friends use a variety of fishing gear, and the form is also different, so I believe that many fishing friends do not know how to install the sentence. The following is how to install fishing gear organized by Luzhou Xinbao Fishing Gear. of the details.


Generally speaking, the assembly of fishing gear will be divided into three parts, one is the assembly of the fishing rod, the other is the assembly of the fishing line, and the third is the assembly of the hook.



How to install fishing gear? First of all, it is about the method of tying the hook: because the hook is small and the nylon thread is very slippery, if you want to tie it firmly, you must master the method well. Whether the hook is fastened firmly or not depends on whether the method of fastening the hook is scientific. If the buckle is fastened strictly according to scientific methods, then the buckle will not be loosened easily, and will become tighter and tighter.


When tying the hook, it is also important to keep the hook line inside the hook handle. In fact, this is very important, but it is often overlooked. Only when the hook line is inside the hook handle can it meet the force requirements. Fish bite the hook If the hook line is outside the hook handle, it will not only be easy to unhook, but also when the hook is stressed, the end of the hook handle will easily wear the hook line and cut the fishing line.


In addition, when you are fishing, how to install the fishing gear will directly connect the connecting parts, such as main lines, branch lines, hooks, pendants, bomb hooks, string hooks, etc. Although there are many types of connectors, the connection of the fishing line to it is essentially the connection of the fishing line to the ring.


All in all, how to install fishing gear is a simple and complicated process, which can be easily completed only after familiar practice, otherwise it is still easy to make mistakes.