How to choose a fish sinker


First, the selection skills of fish sinkers Although th […]

First, the selection skills of fish sinkers
Although the fish sinker is small, it has a great effect. It has a lot to do with the amount of fishing harvest. You must pay great attention when choosing it. Below, I will introduce the selection techniques of the fish sinker.

Selection of hand pole pendant
The selection principle of the hand pole sinker is: should be light but not heavy, should be small and not large, generally closer to the shore, fish are more vigilant, and will flee far away if there is a slight noise. Use a light drop or a small drop to enter the water quietly without frightening the fish, which can ensure more fishing. This is also the essence of the so-called "ghost fishing" when fishing crucian carp in Taiwan.

Selection of sea pole sinker
The situation involved in sea pole fishing is more complicated, and generally can be considered from the following aspects.
①According to the softness and hardness of the fishing rod, choose a short rod body and a thin rod tip. For example, sea rods below 2.7 meters are usually soft and should be fitted with a light drop of 50 grams or more; the rod body is long and thick, and it is suitable for a weight of 60 grams or more. fall.
②Choose a flat bottom according to the conditions of the water bottom. When the silt is not thick, you can use a round, spherical, or oval pendant; when the silt is thick and the water is shallow, you can use a flat or flake pendant; if you are not familiar with the bottom of the water, It is more suitable to use a flat pendant, because it is not easy to enter the mud, not easy to hang the bottom, and has a certain lift when the thread is taken up, so it can be used in general waters.
③According to different hook groups, if you use a bomb hook, use a live sink; if you use a string hook to fish, use a dead sink.
④ According to the speed of the water, choose a streamlined pendant, such as a jujube shape, an egg shape, etc., for fishing in waters with a faster flow rate. For fishing in still waters or slow-flowing waters, use a light pendant. The requirements are not very strict.

Connection method of fishing line and lead sinker
There are two main ways to install the sinker on the fishing line: live sinker is a sinker that can move along the fishing line, and dead sinker is a sinker fixed on the fishing line, so the connection methods are also these two.

(1) Connection between fishing line and live sinker
The connection between the fishing line and the live sinker is very simple. This sinker generally has a through hole or a metal ring through which the fishing line is passed. For example, some sea pole sinkers can be connected by live sinkers.

(2) The connection between the fishing line and the dead drop
There are many ways to connect fishing line and dead sinker, mainly because the form of sinker is different. For the through-heart sinker, it can be fixed by connecting pieces or inserted tightly; for the open sinker, lead-skin sinker, etc., the pressing type can be used to deform it and press it tightly on the fishing line.