Drift Seat maintenance and cleaning method


As the saying goes: Drift Seat is the eyes of a fisherm […]

As the saying goes: Drift Seat is the eyes of a fisherman. This is indeed the case. So, no matter what type and material you have, as long as you have entered the water during fishing, the float will stick to certain pollutants. It is nothing different from the naked eye. If it is not maintained and cleaned in time, use it over time. Drift Seat will cause thick accumulation of stains, not to mention that its sensitivity will decrease, it will also accelerate the aging process, and it is close to scrap. Therefore, it should be maintained and cleaned in a timely manner. Only loving and maintaining it will make you use it longer. From another perspective, the original sensitivity of the float will be maintained through cleaning and maintenance.
First, my Drift Seat cleaning method

The first step: First, get a small plastic basin. Add two drops of dishwashing liquid. Add tap water and stir well to dissolve. No need to fill with water.
Step 2: Take a small square towel and submerge it in the water. The Drift Seat float is divided into three parts: Drift Seat tail, Drift Seat body, Drift Seat feet, and scrubbing with a wet wipe in one direction. Do not scrub back and forth or scrub each part. Just rub a few times in one direction. The purpose is: to completely remove sticky pollutants and stains. It should be noted that kneading and light movements, even force. Don't need to work too hard to avoid damage to the paint. Wipe the wipes straight from the Drift Seat body toward the Drift Seat tail. Drift Seat feet rub straight from under Drift Seat feet.

Drift the body and wipe it straight from the bottom to the third step: After scrubbing, clean the small square towel and basin, and then change the basin of water. Soak a small square in water, and rinse with a wet towel. At this time, the three parts that are also rinsed are slightly the same as the above. Do not scrub back and forth. Scrub a few times and clean. The purpose is to clean the detergent residue on the float. It should be noted that the action should be light and even. Otherwise it will damage the paint. Step 4: Prepare glasses cloth beforehand. Divide the float into three parts, and wipe the water one by one in one direction. Then put it in the bleach box and cool down. Don't rush to close the box. Wait a dozen and twenty minutes before closing the box.