Analysis of the factors that cause the draft of the float


A phenomenon occurs when fishing: after some floats are […]

A phenomenon occurs when fishing: after some floats are soaked in water for a period of time, the number of floats will decrease when the fishing rig remains unchanged, which is called draft. For Taiwan fishing, the requirements for drift adjustment are high, and the requirements for the accuracy of the float are also high. When the float is drafted, the accuracy of the signal will be affected.


The factors that lead to the draught of the float can be divided into two categories: one is the draught caused by the damage of the float; the other is the unsynchronized expansion of the float and the expansion of the water body. The former is real draft, the latter is fake draft.



The so-called fake draft means that when the temperature rises, the temperature of the water also rises, the water molecules become active, the distance between the water molecules increases, and the volume expands, which leads to the same liter of water, and the expanded water becomes lighter. As the number of water molecules decreases, the density of water decreases, and the density and buoyancy are positively correlated, and its buoyancy also decreases. But the float is a solid, and the molecules are more stable. As the temperature increases, their volume will hardly change, and their weight will not change. The downward force remains unchanged, and the upward buoyancy decreases, and the float will naturally sink.


For the fake draft, it cannot be repaired. Generally, the float is adjusted on the same day. If the temperature does not change much, it will not affect the fishing. This also reminds us to choose a material with stable properties when choosing a float. For the real draft, the float needs to be repaired or replaced.