Wild fishing drifting skills


1.Adjust the float according to the type of float:The c […]

1.Adjust the float according to the type of float:The choice of float should be decided according to the water conditions of the fishing point, the presence or absence of wind on the water surface and so on. In the case of a floating hook, the gravity formed by the total weight of the fishing hook and bait in the water body is less than the buoyancy of the float. Generally, vertical float or spherical float is used. If you are fishing in deep water, you should choose a buoyant buoy with a key plumb, so that the fishing hook can quickly sink into the water. Eliminate the interference of small fish in the middle and upper reaches.

2, drifting operation skills:First of all, observe the environment of the fishing point, determine what bait is used, the amount of bait, the choice of floatation, the determination of the fishing hook, and so on. Then determine the depth of the water, use a plumb to find the bottom, determine the bottom of the water, whether there are potholes. Then hang the bait to determine the weight of the bait. Finally, a plumb was hung on the bottom ditch to find the bottom.

3, the skills of rinsing and rinsing:If it is a new float, you need to wipe it with fishing lures before use, that is, washing and bleaching. There is also a need to immerse the new float in the fishing spot for some time before using the new float, so that the internal temperature of the float is consistent with the fishing spot. Keep the wind loose when adjusting the drift. If it is a stray fish, the float should be raised, if it is a weak mouth fish, the float should be turned down.