What are the classification models of commonly used fishing lines


1. Nylon thread: (traditional thread, four-color thread […]

1. Nylon thread: (traditional thread, four-color thread) The manufacturing process of nylon thread is generally made of resin processing and drawing (traditional thread) and adding other materials such as color (four-color thread) to the finished product. Its characteristics are Has better ductility and elasticity.


2. Carbon plastic wire: Carbon is added in the manufacturing process to make it more wear-resistant, but its ductility is poor. Because its specific gravity is greater than that of water, its cutting water is better, and it is suitable for sand fishing (wear-resistant) , And its characteristic of heavier proportion, so it is also accepted by pond fishing, and its texture is harder, used for long strands or tie-shi hang group (upside down type) for boat fishing.


3. Steel wire: generally woven with multiple strands, the single strand has a harder texture and is easy to break when damaged, and the multiple strands have a softer texture. It is suitable for general fishing large objects to prevent the strand from biting.

4. Braided wire (wiring, live wire, fusion wire)

Wiring: It is made of multiple strands and has a better tensile value. However, the initial wiring is not coated with a film, which is easy to absorb water and is not easy to maintain. However, its wear resistance and high tensile value are better, and it is widely used for boat fishing. Accepted, but the cutting water is poor.

Hot wire: It is a multi-strand braided wire. In the manufacturing process, each thin wire is covered with a film to prevent water absorption and good water cut. However, the damaged part is easy to form a hair ball, which is easier to break and has a harder texture.

Fusion cable: Add a film to the braided wiring, and add multiple nylon wires during the drawing process. The purpose is to take the high tensile value and abrasion resistance of the wiring. Affected by the addition of nylon wires, this wire is softer than ordinary wiring , Responsibility is good.

5. Synthetic line: (submerged line, floating line, middle-pass rod line) In the manufacturing process of nylon line, other materials are added to the finished product, such as floating material (floating line), suitable for rock fishing and submerged materials ( Submersible line) is suitable for pool fishing, oily substances (line used for middle-pass rods) and resin processing to add tensile materials (throwing line), etc.