Types and selection skills of fishing gear accessories


Line group:Fish line, float, space bean, float seat and […]

Line group:Fish line, float, space bean, float seat and lead seat. The last three are all small parts. The price is not expensive. Some of them can be reused, so it is recommended to buy the ones with better quality. If it's recreational fishing, you don't need to buy good fishing lines and floats. For low-end fishing lines, 10-20 yuan per roll for 50 meters is enough; for middle end fishing lines, 40-50 yuan per roll or one is good! I won't say high-end products. People who use high-end products are experts.

Seat:The simple seat is Maza, which is necessary for anglers. It has a good use. I go to pick up my son from school. If I don't want to stay in the car, I take it out and sit on the side of the road. It's comfortable! The wild fishing environment is complex. Many fishermen like to use fishing chairs. I haven't used them before. It's comfortable to use them after installation. However, it's a bit arrogant to carry a big bag to go fishing.

Other accessories:Bracket, used to vibrate out, also used and continued, feeling or better, vibration out of the sometimes locked!Net reading pole, it is recommended to buy a 3m or so one with positioning. It can be long or short, but it is better to buy one with better quality. And a big one and a small one.Pull bait basin, pull bait plate, do not buy that kind of integrated, best pull bait plate can be bought alone, has two advantages, one is to be able to change at any time, the other is to clean conveniently.