The assembly method of the cast rod and the correct method of cast


How to assemble the cast rod 1. The fishing line passes […]

How to assemble the cast rod
1. The fishing line passes through the space bean (the space bean mainly controls the depth of the water, for example, if you fish 1 meter deep, move the position of the space bean to 1 meter from the fishing line).

2. The main line passes through the hollow lead sinker (the hollow lead sinker is mainly used for positioning, so as to prevent the electrons from floating on the water surface).

3. The main line passes through the float slide (the red side faces the inside of the fishing line).

4. Put on the blocking beans and tie the knot (twice around when tying the knot).

5. Hang the fishing cage with the bait on the knotted place, so it's all right.


The correct way to toss
1. Side throwing method
Side throwing method This is one of the most common throwing hook methods, generally used in windy conditions. The trick is to first pinch the lead sinker or strand with your left hand, place the hook bait on one side of your body, lightly hold the rod handle with your right hand, and use the body as the axis to roll your body from the left to the right. The arm naturally swings upward. Use lead sinkers and hook baits to fly close to the surface of the water as much as possible to ensure that they are accurately and lightly swung directly in front of the fishing point. Whether the person swinging the pole is small, and whether the posture of turning the body is correct or not will directly affect the accuracy of the throwing hook.

2. Swing and throw method
Swinging and throwing is a method of throwing a hook and bait to the fishing point like swinging on a swing. In the absence of wind and gentle breeze, this method of throwing hook is often adopted: the trick is to hold the rod first with the right hand, the height is lower than the shoulder on the same level, the tip of the rod is pointed at the fishing point, and the left hand is pinched and dropped. The hook bait naturally hangs on fishing. The player is facing, and then his right arm is raised to quietly swing the bait to the exact fishing point. The hook bait and the lead sinker enter the water first, and the buoy then falls into the same point as the fishing sinker. Because of the lack of the loop bamboo that is pulled back by the pressure line, this method is simple, convenient and practical.

3. Back throw method
The back swing method is usually used when the wind is relatively strong. The trick is to first swing the bait to the back of the body. When it is drawn in a certain position, use a strong mountain to swing forward, like a horse-drawn cart swinging a whip. As the rod moves forward, the bait and lead sinker are forced to the fishing spot. This series of actions needs to be neat and done in one go. This method of throwing hooks is generally not used, because the bait is required to be hard or sticky when throwing. When encountering winds of about 4 or 5, other throwing methods are of no avail, so this method must be used.