Function usage method and troubleshooting of fishing line winding machine


The reel is an auxiliary device on the fishing rod. Ref […]

The reel is an auxiliary device on the fishing rod. Refers to the tool used to pay off or take up the line to buffer the resistance of the fish. The use of the reel is an important symbol of the development of modern fishing technology. When fishing for large fish, the reel makes it difficult to break free by paying off or reeling, thus reflecting its superiority.1. Fix the fishing wheel to the sea rod, the main line passes through a wire loop of the sea rod, and then double knot a small ring at the end of the main line.
2. Pass the main line through the small loop to form a large loop.
3. Open the outgoing ring of the fishing reel and put the big ring on the line cup [the direction is reversed and the thread cannot be wound]. When the roller is wrapped around the line, use the index finger and thumb to hold the main line with the index finger and the thumb to hold the main line so that the line can be wrapped Tighten.

Problem 1: Shake the reel rocker arm and make a "click" sound, unable to retract.Troubleshooting of reel.The reel is the "heart" of the sea rod, and it is the more precise part of the fishing gear. Therefore, you should be very careful when using it, and you should try to eliminate the failure, so as not to affect the normal throwing. Fault location: The gear disc and gear rod slip. Causes: The bushings on both ends of the gear disc are seriously worn; the gear sleeve bushing is worn or the sliding gear of the gear disc is lost, causing the gap between the gear disc and the gear rod to be too large, and slipping after force. Solution: replace the gear wheel and gear rod sleeve shaft, it is better to change to ball bearing or another copper bush made by car; adjust the speed of the gear wheel shaft washer.

Question 2: Shake the rocker arm, and the reel shell makes a friction sound. Fault location: the main shaft is bent and deformed; the reel tick wheel or washer is lost during disassembly; the reel shell nut is loose. Cause: When removing the spindle pin, the spindle is deformed after being hit with a hammer; when removing the nut of the reel shell, it is not known that it is anti-tooth, and the sliding teeth are generated due to excessive force. Solution: rectify the main shaft; install the tick wheel and washer; when the nut of the reel shell nut slides, put the nut up and tap it with a hammer a few times to reduce the diameter of the nut and install it.