Common fishing tackles


Introduction to the above thinking, mostly clarifying t […]

Introduction to the above thinking, mostly clarifying the idea of ​​choosing different fishing, preparing for low-priced quality fishing. The following content, mostly introducing some of my individuals when choosing different fishing patterns.

• Space Beans
The role of space beans in fishing is to fix the drifting seat and lead skin, so when using space beans, as long as the material of the sky is high quality rubber or silicone, it can be selected when tightness is sufficient. And some packaging like space beans is the main reason for the high price of space beans.

• Near the main line
I also used the price of only two hundred fishing lines. I also used the price of 9:95. I am also use, but in actual fishing, I didn't find these two prices have a fishing line. Differences in actual fishes. So, it is also recommended that if it is just in casual wild fishing, choose some low-priced fishing line, it is a wise choice.


• Selection of fishing brackets
As a fisherman bracket in fishing, its role in fishing is to slow the role of fishing people's fishing pressure, so when they choose, it is generally necessary to meet the requirements of the rack, that is, it is not necessary for the value of the fishing tool bracket. Go to pay.

• Selection of subline boxes
The sub-box is in today's hanging fishing, and there is a more important role because there is a protective case of the subline box, which can protect the subline from damage. However, the role of the subline box is only that, so when choosing a sub-box, it is not necessary to pay for the color and thickness.