Classification of fishing sinkers in fishing gear and equipment


The function of the fishing sinker is mainly to drive t […]

The function of the fishing sinker is mainly to drive the bait hook to long-distance by the angler's throwing power and fix it in a certain depth of the water to be fished. The main varieties are sea pole sinker, hand pole sinker and throwing mound method heavy sinker. Let’s take a look at the classification of fishing gear, equipment and sinkers.


1. The sea pole falls. Divided into falling alive and falling to death. The former is line-shaped and hollow, which can slide freely after the thread is tied. It is mostly matched with various group hooks, with the hook at the front and the falling at the back. The dead fall is not hollow, and there is a metal loop at the tail that is easy to tie the line, falling in the front and hooking in the back. All kinds of fish attractors, most of them fall into the dead.



2. Hand pole drop.It's all dead. According to the buoyancy of the weight, the weight is usually 0.5-2 grams. Some special fishing methods-poke holes, arches, inshore fishing, etc., do not use fishing sinkers. It is customary in our country to use a lead sinker with large mung bean grains, which is clamped 5 to 7 cm above the hook. It can be fished with single hook or double hook.


3. The method of throwing the mound to fall again. It is similar to the sea pole drop, except that the weight should be increased so that large centrifugal force and inertial force can be formed when the mound is thrown. For this reason, weights of 80 to 120 grams are generally used. When bolting, a rotatable connector can be added between the pendant and the main line, which is not only convenient for disassembly.