Analysis of the difference between Bawang hook and flying hook


When many fishermen are preparing fishing gear, the fis […]

When many fishermen are preparing fishing gear, the fishing rod must be the first choice, and they will often spend a lot of time and energy on the fishing rod. This is not wrong in itself, because the fishing rod itself is a more important equipment in fishing. However, many anglers tend to ignore many small fishing gears. So, what are the small fishing gears? Many anglers do not know the answer to this question. Today, Ningbo Yongmiao Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. will introduce the difference between the overlord hook and the flying hook in the small fishing gear. Come and have a look.



In the late 1980s, the Bawang hook was introduced into mainland my country from Taiwan.


It is very similar to the very popular fly hook today, but with a slight difference from the fly hook, the fly hook mainly fishes in half water and fishes in the middle and upper waters, while the Ba Gong hook mainly fishes for bottom fish.


Because many hooks are surrounded by hooks, fish are easily caught by hooks scattered outside when foraging, which means reluctance, so it is called the overlord hook. It is mostly used in the environment of catching big fish and slippery fish and when the temperature is high in summer and the fish has poor appetite. As long as the fish is in the fishing spot, even if it bites the hook unintentionally, it may be caught by the flying hook, which can improve the fishing rate.